Why 1 Photograph is Better than 1000

Aug 30, 2014

The myth of more photographs is total crap.  As you’re looking around for the right wedding photographer, you’re going to be bombarded with so much false information, you’ll have to begin trusting your own intuition.

One of the most annoying of these false facts is the quantity game:  you need more photographers, you need more photographs, you need access to the RAW files, you need more albums, more pages.

It’s overwhelming, and totally unnecessary.  And here is why all of this means nothing:

“Do you connect to your photography?”

If you don’t emotionally connect to your photographs, then nothing else matters.  If you don’t feel the emotions of your wedding day, or why your partner loves you, or wee any of the feelings you felt during your wedding – then you won’t want to put your photographs in an album.  You won’t want to put them on your walls.  (keep scrolling down to continue reading)


It becomes a thing of gluttony, really.  The stuff, the quantity, everything tied up into a cute package that fits your budget all makes you feel better.  It’s the happy meal syndrome – you got it at a good price.  But it’s not original, it’s not about you, it’s not anything really, except for a quick fix and some calories on the go.

This is not what your wedding represents, is it?

My wife and I have one – yes, ONE – beautiful canvas wrap from our wedding photography hanging above our fireplace mantel.  It is all we need to connect and feel the emotion of the day.  We rarely go through our digital collection (except on the occasion when our entire family is in town and we’re a few bottles in, celebrating the holidays), we never count the amount of photographs we have.  The value of that physical canvas wrap, which needs no computer, or Facebook connection, or any kind of digital anything to display – the value of that piece of art is truly priceless.  It connects us to our wedding in a way that nothing else could.

When you’re looking for the right wedding photographer don’t get caught up in the game.  You don’t need more stuff – what you need is connection.  These are questions that the right photographer will be asking you:

“How do you connect to our photography?”

“What does your love represent?”

“What are you most looking forward to about your wedding day?”

90% of the work we do here at ThisIsFeeling is done before the wedding day.  When we’re photographing a wedding we know exactly what we need to focus on because we’ve created the connections before the wedding.

Next time you’re looking through a gallery – really ask yourself if you connect, if you feel excited, if it’s something you really want.  That’s the first step.  That’s the connection!

Stay tuned – more practical advice about wedding photography in the next few weeks.


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