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Let me break it down for you:

Look at our portfolios.  Look at ANY wedding photographer's portfolios (well, at least the good ones).  What do you see?  Beautiful, stunning, emotional portraits of couples.  A majority of those galleries are full of these specific photographs.

We are usually hired for about 8 or 9 hours to cover most weddings.  We're lucky to get 1 of those hours dedicated to an honest, stress-free, and calm portrait session.

Do you know what that means?  7-8 hours of those photographs will be documentary coverage.  Happenstance moments that come and go in an instant.  80% of your wedding collection is going to be full of these moments!

But rarely do couples who are searching around for the right wedding photographer associate real, authentic moments with what they want.

Remember:   good photography is about you.  It’s not about making you look different, or sexy.  It's not about doctoring up the everyday and average.  Good photography evokes honest emotion.  It makes us remember.  It makes us feel.

Feeling is all about connection - and it's no different with photography.  Good photographers know their subjects, and care deeply for them.  It's the first step to creating authentic moments with you.

That's what we do.  We connect.

We love creating powerful, strong portraits on wedding days.  It's one of the things we most look forward to as wedding photographers.  There's nothing quite like seeing all the elements coming together and watching a couple melt with love in front of our cameras.

But we also fight - fight - FIGHT!  for the moments.  We fight for you and what you'll be looking at 20 and 30 years from now!

You'll look at these photos 20, 30 years from now and briefly think to yourself "oh that portrait of us!"  But the photographs that will make you really remember the emotion of the wedding day are the ones that go beyond the "visual impact" and dive deep into the heart.

This is absolutely where Edda & Sean let us explore.

Totally unscripted.  They trusted us completely.  They simply wanted the day documented.  They wanted to look back and feel their wedding day.

You think we can make these moments up?  You think we can pose this stuff?  No way.  But we sure knew when the moments were going to happen so we didn't miss them.

Thanks for the incredible day you two.

By the way - band...ever.

- Ben

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