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This Is Feeling Photography is a small team of creatives who live and breathe a fresh vision.  Our team has over 20 years experience photographing 300+ weddings.  We hold this team to a high standard: dedication to the art + craft of photography, and personality absolutely counts.  We’ve all worked with some great companies – National Geographic Traveler, The Chicago Tribune, Eddie Bauer, Nike, Colombia College just to name a few.  But nothing is like working one-on-one with couples in love, and that’s why we work with This Is Feeling Photography.

You definitely get to meet your photographer before the wedding.


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HELLO, I’M BEN // loving boss, lead-photographer, consultant

“I’m a man of few words until I begin talking.  I feel many, many things in life.  I am a biological blob of body and bone, full of passion and positivity.
I like cats. Unfortunately, cats have gone to #2 now that my beautiful little Ella was born in September 2015 (and now our Son, Easton, born May 2017!)  Sorry cats.
The ocean both fascinates me and scares me beyond belief.
I wake up each day and look forward to watering my garden in the backyard.
But I usually scamper towards the espresso machine first.
I adore my wife.
I love photographing life.”

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HELLO, I’M MIKE // editor, photographer, experience specialist

“I love adventure. I love art. I love dinosaurs. I love dogs. I love my dog. I love craft beer. I love travel. I love love. Art pulses through the veins of my family tree and being creative has been a life long journey of mine. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m at, my passion to create and explore life through art is ever present. Among other mediums, photography has always been an interest of mine and I’ve been behind the camera for all sorts of adventures, exploring art  and life through nature, portraiture, and wildlife. I joined this team two years ago and have never looked back. Working with couples and discovering what makes them tick and learning about who they are is worlds of fun for me. Getting people to open up with their loved one in front of my camera and express their love for one another is such an inspiration to me and my artistic being. 

I work very hard to maintain a balance between wedding photography and my own personal projects, as well as combining the two together. I am incredibly passionate about the preservation and rescue of our environment and the wildlife we share this planet with. I try to instill an appreciation for nature through my work. Understanding just how timeless photography is by capturing our ever changing world, I also realize how that same timeless perspective is seen through one day of love between two people. Capturing a couples’ wedding day and giving them the opportunity to relive that day through photographic moments is an extraordinary experience. I am constantly humbled by the opportunities presented to me and I look forward to the next adventure – be it a wedding in the concrete jungle of Chicago, a safari in the great plains of Africa, or an expedition through the thick rainforest of the Amazon. 

I’m here to learn, live, and tell a story. I’m looking forward to creating, documenting, and sharing yours.”

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HELLO, I’M Kevin // editor, photographer

“Photography is about the story.  I want to know who you and your forever are.  I want to know where you came from and what has moulded you into this bundle of awesomeness you cuddle up with every night.  All the hard work, all the love, the sweat and the tears that has made who you are as a couple today.  I will strive to capture these very emotions on your wedding day so you can see them again and again in your photographs.  When it comes down to your wedding day and looking back at what that day felt like, I believe those feelings and what created those are what will be most important.  Photographs – unlike the rest of your wedding day – will last forever.

A little about me. 

My personality type could be described as type B with a type A drive.

Photographically I’m a jack of all trades.  I have worked in the fashion, editorial, photojournalism, commercial and fine art world: everything from working on sets of The Real World Chicago to Vogue Magazine to the Wall Street Journal. I received a Bachelors of Fine Arts, Photography, from Columbia College in 2012.

I found a special place in my heart for wedding photography 4 years ago.

Now let me show you what that looks like.”

kevin-serna-TIF-BW-2 Meet the TeamPIN

HELLO, I’M Leah //  editor, photographer

Leah is amazing not only because she deals with an entire team of dudes here at This Is Feeling, but she’s actually a very talented photographer and a great human being, which is why she made the cut.  She also hates writing bios or talking about herself, so the first thing she did was insist on US writing this for her.  Okay, fine.

She’s a fiery depth of both curiosity and exploration, although a bit timid during most introductions.  She uses that balance of energy and relation to evolve strong and genuine relationships with her clients.  Her love for life exists outside of photographing weddings, too – her talents and unique eye can also be seen in her powerful portraiture of animals (if you do get the opportunity to meet Leah, just ask her about horses or her 2 dogs, which she adores…) – a subject that has become one of her many personal projects.

Leah’s curated eye and positive attitude make a perfect fit here on the This Is Feeling team.

Leah-2017-2 Meet the TeamPIN

HELLO, I’M Misa // editor, photographer

“I enjoy photography because I have a really curious mind. I’m the type of person that is always looking for something even though I don’t know what I’m looking for – it’s more about dreaming and discovering.  I get a lot of my inspiration from my wife, kids and from some of the great photographers I’ve meet in life.”

 The gentle and humble Misa: a man of few words, with a heart that speaks profoundly about the life he’s built around the things he loves.  You really need to know only a few things about Misa:  he has 3 loves in his life – his family, the craft and art of all things espresso/coffee related, and, of course, photography.  Just a bit of fair warning – if he gets a hold of your mobile number, you WILL receive epic photographs of the most beautiful latte art ever.

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