Liz + Fabricio wedding // Public Hotel Chicago and Bridgeport Art Center Sculpture Garden

Looking back at Liz and Fabricio’s wedding photographs is a beautiful reminder of priority.  Yes it was a beautiful August wedding day.  Yes we absolutely love the Public Hotel and Bridgeport Art Center’s Sculpture Garden.  But I got a rare peek into the depth of what wedding days are really about while photographing their wedding day unfold.

Two incredible people, two loving families: all day we were bombarded with kindness.  Liz was insistent that we had our coffee, orange juice and breakfast sandwiches in the morning as her and her girls busily got ready.  No other guys were with the girls in the morning, except for Liz’s father who was having trouble getting dressed.  He’s a bit older and simply needed some help with his bowtie and jacket.  I was asked to help get him ready.

I almost never put my cameras down because I fear missing any moments, but on this wedding day I saw this as an extension of the trust we had gained working together with the families up to this point.  Something deep inside of me decided to say yes to this request.

I remember feeling a massive sense of emotion fall over me as I picked up her father’s suit jacket.  Touch is an important thing.  It really fuses the massive drift we are seeing between people these days.  It helps make other people so incredibly real in a world full of so much bullshit.  The constant overload of watching other people seems to be numbing our common humanity, what connects all of us.  I remember feeling the jacket threads rub against my fingertips as I extended his jacket over his back.  It reminded me of dressing my 1 year old daughter every morning.  It reminded me of how fragile and precious people are.

His jacket was on.  As I placed my hand on his back I felt a deep thud, the weight of years and years and years of memories he had created with his body – his way of experiencing his family and his life.  I’ve not felt this since I last hugged my own grandfather a few years back (he has since passed on, but I remember how much different it always felt hugging him – there was something tangibly heavier in his bones that I never felt hugging younger people.)

I’m writing all of this because I don’t get an opportunity like this at every wedding, and it was a reminder of what we are doing as wedding photographers (and I don’t speak for all wedding photographers here – this was absolutely about how we feel about making connections with This Is Feeling).  I’m not talking about helping someone get dressed – I’m talking about feeling a deep connection to what is actually happening on a wedding day and sharing that with other people through our photographs.

When planning weddings, there is too much focus on things looking pretty.  There is too much focus on perfection and perception.  There is too much focus on shit that doesn’t really matter when you look back at photographs 10 or 15 years from now.  All of this makes people so incredibly nervous when they’re looking for a photographer, because the focus is totally warped.  Turn around.  Please turn around.  The pretty things are a beautiful way to express your love for design or your appreciation for vintage/classic/modern aesthetic, but they are no replacement for goodness, for respect, for honor: the deeper qualities of why you are getting married and who is a part of that celebration.

So thank you Liz + Fabricio for this reminder.




Wedding planner and Florist – Christine Janda (

Make Up Artist – Shannon O’Brien (

Hair Stylist – Livia Caporale (

Mariachi Monumental – José Martínez (

DJ Chicago – Gil L (

Imagination Designers (Video) – Brianne Tegel (

This Is Feeling Photography – (


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