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 ACK, BUDGETING (yeah yeah, the monies are important to talk about!)

Most of our couples spend $3000-$6000.

You and all the love you have for one another won’t fit into pre-defined packages.  We’ve found this method to be confusing and wasteful.  If you love our style, then let us show you how we create such natural looking photography.

 We custom tailor packages based on what you actually need.  We don’t want to lie to you, and we don’t want to sell you anything you don’t need.

Give us a call – take 15 minutes to chat with us and actually create a human connection – you’ll know if we’re the right fit or not for yourself.  You’ll do it for car insurance, why wouldn’t you do it for something as important as wedding photography?  After all, you are stuck with these photographs for the rest of your life.  Take the time to see if you’re comfortable with us first.

Seriously, give us a call now!  630-640-2362

We know, life is busy and complex, so email works too.


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Storybook Albums

We create art for all of our couples.  See below for an example of our Storybook collection:  one signature leather storybook album (10×10″) with 2 parent linen albums (8×8″) for the couple’s parents.