Eli and Caroline’s Wedding

On a gorgeous fall day, Eli and Caroline were married at The Barn at Rembert Farms in Alachua, FL. We were so pleased to be asked to provide their wedding photography.

Eli and Caroline’s The Barn at Rembert Farms Wedding

Eli and Caroline’s families knew each other growing up, so there was a ton of shared love between the families at this wedding. In their own words: “Our wedding is about bringing family and friends together. This is a time for all of our people to meet, reunite, catch up, and get to know each other. As part of this wonderful gathering, Eli and I will also make a public declaration of our love and commitment to each other. Also… we’re trying to party.” That commitment to family, friends and love was evident all throughout their Barn at Rembert Farms wedding!

Growing up, Eli’s family always went to this one local spring throughout the year to take a dip in its crisp, clear Florida water. Eli wanted to incorporate this into his wedding day. So, that morning, while the girls were shot gunning PBRs (Pabst Blue Ribbon – a super hipster beer for those who don’t know… and how classy is Caroline to do this with her girls in the morning?), Eli took his friends to the spring for a refreshing, clean morning dip.

Eli and Caroline had an outdoor wedding ceremony beneath the graceful branches of an amazing, old tree. In a special, personal touch, the girl who first introduced them officiated their wedding. We love when couples add special touches like this to their weddings! 

The Barn At Rembert Farms Wedding This Is Feeling Photography

Eli’s family has a family tradition… more like a practical joke they always do at family weddings. So, in keeping with their tradition, right after Eli and Caroline’s first kiss during the ceremony, his side of the family put on mustache glasses and continued to wear them as they walked down the aisle together. It certainly got some laughs, and some memorable wedding photos!

The Barn At Rembert Farms Wedding This Is Feeling Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography

The Barn at Rembert Farms has so many places for amazing wedding photography. We took advantage of this versatile wedding venue as we documented Eli and Caroline’s wedding day. Once they adjourned to the barn for their reception, it was time to party. And MAN did they party through the night! Florida is not known for its amazing live wedding music bands, but they got one of the best for their wedding, Bay Kings Band.

The Barn At Rembert Farms Wedding This Is Feeling Photography

Eli’s mom is just totally in love with her children, and you could see it throughout the day – she was so proud of Eli on his wedding day. We really love the little moments that capture this kind of love on the wedding day. As documentary wedding photographers, these are the real moments that define timeless photography, and we’re happy to have captured this in their wedding photography.

The Barn At Rembert Farms Wedding This Is Feeling Photography

As their reception came to a close, Eli and Caroline exited their wedding at the end of the night with their guests blowing bubbles. They ran into an awaiting bus for an after party.

The Barn At Rembert Farms Wedding This Is Feeling Photography

Ben (the lead photographer) and Eli went to summer camp together growing up, both as campers and counselors. They both loved photography and videography growing up and worked on a few projects together before going into their professional careers. It’s rare and exciting to be able to photograph someone you’ve known for so long – knowing each other at camp, they only knew bits and parts of each other during the summers at camp, so it was awesome to see the life Eli had made as an adult.

Thank you to Eli and Caroline for asking us to be a part of their Rembert Farms Wedding!

Featured Wedding Vendors:

Eli Meyer
Eli Meyer Studio

The Flower Shop

Alex Hayward
Bay Kings Band

Sarah Watts
Sugar Mama’s Sweets

Leah Sherer
Celebrations Catering

Sabrina Johns
Sixth Street Station

Hair – Bridesmaids
Sixth Street Station


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